Finian Conrad Gallagher

CEO of Aura Hospitality & Food Services, Finian Conrad Gallagher is an award winning, Michelin Star Chef with over 30 years of culinary experience. A visionary Restaurant entrepreneur and formerly the creator of many world-renowned brands, Finian Conrad is spearheading the development of Aura Hospitality & Food Services to take the company to exciting and innovative new heights. Bringing his unique flair to Aura’s brands, he joined the company in December 2016 as Corporate chef and Culinary director and was responsible for the menu and concept development as well as a majority of the company’s new openings through 2017. He was promoted as MD in February 2018 and CEO in October 2018. He is creating a new vision for the company and is continuing its successful expansion under him, with the creation of new concepts and the opening of additional branches of Aura’s successful outlets, bolstering Qatar’s social and entertainment landscape with sensational F&B options.

Get to know the masterminds behind all our brands delights who share a common vision: “THEY WANT TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY!” Our master chefs are all certified and experts with long experience in food and culinary arts industry. Each one of them has a passion for cooking and has developed special cooking techniques while focusing on sustainability and adapting creative styles to embrace both classical and modern kitchen. They have developed an expertise for local and international tastes and preferences and are well trained in the Classical and modern style to cater to market needs and to present delicious and nutritious offerings.

Our Management Team

Antoun El Rif

Senior Marketing Manager

Fares Mohammad El-Khillo

Operation Manager

Hani Taleb

Head of Operation

meet the chefs

Mahmood Diab

Basta Brand Chef

Asma Al Bahr

Consutlant Chef

Denish Chamiyal

Diner Station - Mall of Qatar Chef

Fawaz Al Omaim

Consultant Chef

Jomon Joseph

Build it Burger - Brand Chef

Khamis Haddad

Orient Pearl Brand Chef

Reynaldo Dulatre

Central Production Unit - Head Chef

Souhail Bouhdid

La Casa Twenty Eight - Brand Chef